Matty Begs Story

With roots in Wilson and Rocky Mount NC, the band Matty Begs officially began in the Spring of 2012.  Known for their high-energy live shows, catch Matty Begs and their acoustic-electric party rock at the best clubs, colleges, and beaches the East Coast has to offer.  Matty Begs writes original material that draws heavily upon the bands' influences. Catchy lyrics and sing-along, party-anthem choruses inspired by the likes of Jack Johnson, Michael Franti, G Love, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jason Mraz, Mike Doughty and Sublime, leave the listener feeling good and wanting more.  Live, the band also covers a wide variety of songs, new and old, and infuses them with their own funky upbeat style to encourage the audience to have fun, sing along, and dance.   

Matty Begs has released 3 EPs along with their newest single "Hide Away From The World" which was released on January 4, 2020.  Currently the band is working on a new full length recording to be released at the end of 2021!  Stay tuned and until then, you can download and stream all Matty Begs music here for free!

The Band

Matty Russo  - Lead vocals and acoustic guitar 

Matty Russo is a self-taught musician who picked up guitar as a teenager in his hometown of Utica, NY.  After only four months of playing, Matty wrote his first song and from then on, music was in his blood. Matty has gained notoriety across the Eastern seaboard, touring extensively and selling tens of thousands of independently produced CDs as singer of the bands Mishap, Zuko, and Joceifus Rifle.  Matty’s new band “Matty Begs” joined forces in the Summer of 2012.  Besides, music, Matty is an avid sports fan who loves playing basketball and working out. 

Jonathan Hose - Bass 

A native West Virginian, but raised most of his life in Rocky Mount, NC,  Jonathan is a multi-instrumentalist and producer.   While the drums are his main instrument, Jonathan holds down the solid bass lines for Matty Begs these days.  Because of his drumming background, Jonathan and Ellis are able to lock in tight and give Matty Begs the funky rhythm section that keeps people dancing. Jonathan first started honing his chops in local bands Rambler, Narallis, and Monkeyfoot, before joining Matty Begs in 2019.  Jonathan is one smart dude and is currently working in IT.


Ellis Ramey  - Drums/Percussion  

Born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC Ellis has been playing drums/percussion since he could walk.   Ellis played in bands "Long Shore Drift" and "Shirts and Skins" before joining Matty to form "Joceifus Rifle" and now their latest band "Matty Begs." Ellis' years of keeping the beat behind Matty make for a tight rhythmic sound you'll wanna grove to. Along with his love of music, Ellis loves to hunt, surf, and play tennis.