1. Riverbend



Morning time I hit the phone and start calling friends
Collect my lawn chair and tire swing
Load the truck for the weekend
A good is what I’m seekin’

I make a pit stop
To my girl’s house for lovin
We end up fighting so now I’m running
All the way…to the

I’ll meet you there just bring some friends
The party starts but never ends
I’ll meet you there at the river bend

Afternoon set up the grill and start cooking dogs
Make a pit with some fire logs
Throw my pole into the water and chill with the farmer’s daughter

I hear an engine roar
Must be my buddies speeding down the road
All yelling and hanging out the windows
They’re coming down…to the



Evening time the camp is littered with beer cans
We’re too tired to set up our tents
So we just sleep in the mud

I wake in the morning cause it starts pouring
Everybody heads to the truck and starts going
But we’ll do it all again…at the