1. Come Along


Come Along

Come along, come along with me
Sing a song, and you could be free
Break of dawn, gonna get crazy
No better place where the livin is easy

Come along, come along with me
Bring a friend and a cold drink yeah
All day long, dance to the beat and
There’s always music playin when you and me together

Beat down from the day
I can’t wait to go to bed
Feet up, turn on TV
Blocking out everything

Dreaming of a place
I used to go to get away
Just you and me up on a plane
Flying high into the space

Kicking back in my living room
And I get startled by the sound of a big boom
So I go to the window just to see who
Is making the magical vibes that are break through

Ain’t it funny how a song changes everything
Its makes the start of your day just a wanna sing
So I’m ready for the par-ty that you bring
We got the lights and the DJ spinning


Inside since the sun came up
This last hour will be so tough
My head is about to erupt
I’m ready for our time to come

Walk out of this place
Giant smile up on my face
Life is good when stop and take
A minute just to listen

Chillin in my car on my lunch break
I close my eyes and put the seat back for a quick nap
Roll down my window so I can just hear that
Sweet sound of the world’s heart beatin

Ain’t it funny how a song changes everything
Its makes the past come alive and you remembering
Sunny days outside on the roof and
We had the speakers and the bass a boomin


Don’t bother me today (repeat)
Don’t bother me today, its time to plan our get away, so take my hand and hear me when I say