1. You and Me

Songs about the ups and downs of a relationship...but there always is just you and me!!


You’ve come along 
It’s been a really long crawl 
It’s not me 
Was all you 

No one else saw 
But I did, and I know what you went through 
All the times that you wanted to 
Lean on me, and I wasn’t there for you 

Every once in a while you leave but you don’t want to
So you come back to me cause our hearts have been through 
It may not be perfect but it’s you and me 

There are laws 
Who says we have to follow 
Not me 
Why do you? 

I know it’s wrong 
Don’t think too much or you’ll get to 
A point where you’ll want to move 
On from me, but that’s not right for you 

Had a hole in my heart but you filled with your with good news 
Gave me a reason to dress-up when I didn’t want to 
It may not be normal but it’s you and me 

We feel the same 
When we see each other’s name 
Where you wanna do? 

You dance around the room and you go with your hot moves 
You get me to scream how much that I want to 
It may be crazy, but it’s you and me 
Yeah it's you and me 
And I’ll be there for you