You're All Heart

I wanna see those eyes
So move those curls
It’s like opening the door to a beautiful and innocent world

So sensitive
Oh, but it’s ok
All you do is care about if everyone else is having a good day

Please don’t ever change
Lord knows, that would be a shame cause

You’re all Heart
And I knew it from the start
You’re the sweetest thing
Crazy all the joy you bring
I said, you’re all heart
And I knew it from the start
Love to hear you sing
And when I look at you, it’s like looking at me

Brings me back
To thinking like a kid
When I see you having fun doing the simple things just like I did

So run around
Oh, and chase your dreams
Cause if I could go back baby I’d definitely do things differently

Please don’t ever say
You’re sorry for really thinking big


Did you spit her out your mouth cause she looks just like you
But I was never that kind if I can the truth
Don’t listen to the haters and what they have to say cause
You’re all heart and that’s ok…yeah yeah yeah